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hi [Nov. 29th, 2002|04:49 pm]
Fans of David Anders


[Current Mood |amusedamused]

Hello fellow David Anders fans,
Hi like Alias since the begining and David's character since the 2nd season started.
Can I ask a question: Do you think that theirs a posibble romance between Sark and Syd?
David is a cutie too.

From: alias610
2002-11-29 05:26 pm (UTC)

Re: hi

YAY another member! Glad to have ya!

It seems a lot of fans are thinking this and I was thinking the same thing too about a possible "romance" bewteen Sydney and Sark but I don't know if they would ever go that far. Everyone wants Sydney and Vaughn to be togther so I think the writers will eventually have something happen between those two. We'll soon find out, she does think "SARK" is cute (she said it herself hahaha) ooooh!!! I can't wait till SUNDAY one more day!!!!!!!

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[User Picture]From: lisagc
2002-11-29 05:46 pm (UTC)

Re: hi

where do you live?!? its still friday over here . ..sunday is 2 days away. lol! (i'm only kiddin ya.)

anyways, i too think that syd and sark would make a cute couple . . . but i don't think the writers will ever take it there. at least it would guarantee him another season on the show!lol. right now though, syd hates him (cute or not), so i don't think its gonna happen.

by the way, welcome to the community jupisan. sooo happy there is someone new in sharing the david love.

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From: alias610
2002-11-29 06:41 pm (UTC)

Re: hi

LOL well wishful thinking I guess. To me though I think of it as one more day cause today is already over for me and then there is just tomorrow. Sunday I don't count.

But yeah I doubt Sydney and Sark will hook up. Never know though!!!

:D PeAcE

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