December 1st, 2002


Oh wow. I got my wish! I wanted to see David out of character and I did!

I got THE SURGE DVD from NETFLIX, the movie sucked. David had like one line and he was a bad ass. Pretty ghetto too, but he sported a tank top in a lot of the scenes, very sexy. Nice eye candy hehe but such a change from MR SARK... it was weird!!!

The DVD has a behind the scenes and they interview him! I was holding my breath, no accent, this was him. He is credited as David Holt in it. I can't believe it's the same person, he is totally different off camera and he actually looks his age. He's so cute though! They ask the cast who had the nicest butt in the movie and he said "DANNA" which is one of the girls in it. I was cracking up! How odd cause I kept expecting to hear an English accent come out of his mouth. He truly is gifted with the accent! I could never do an accent that well!!!

I'm in love!!!!


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