August 26th, 2003


Reposting from my LJ...

My bestest on the face of Earth boyfriend told me to tune into E!On-line cause they said Alias behind-the-scenes will be on. I told him that it's supposed to be on tomorrow, a report from the DVD release party. But he insisted, so I tuned it and Oh. My. Sark!!!

It was the outtakes/gag reel feature from the DVD, only much much longer than any I've seen so far and including one David Anders scene. *bounces*

I yelped like a shoolgirl!

It was The Solution scene in which Sloane has Sark drink the wine. DA is politely gulping the wine down, but Ron has the glass tipped too much and poor David is barely keeping up. He drinks the last drops of the wine from the glass and removes his lips from the rim, but his mouth is full of the liquid and he looks hilarious, trying to swallow it all, trying to keep a straight face. Finally he swallows and that's when Ron cannot hold it any longer and he breaks into laughter and David cracks up right with him.

*melts into a puddle*

Another one like that, stat, please!

Is it next Tuesday yet?

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