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March 6th, 2007 - Fans of David Anders [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fans of David Anders

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March 6th, 2007

ELI myspace page [Mar. 6th, 2007|09:29 pm]
Fans of David Anders
There's a myspace page for the ELI movie now with some final, color timed stills:

No behind the scenes pics you haven't already found though.

The movie is in the final stages of Post-Production and will be completed very shortly.

It has also been accepted to the Newport Beach Film Festival. They haven't scheduled screening times of the films yet, but here's their site:

After it does the festival circuit, it will be put online (likely a full year from now). We are discussing whether or not to make it commercially available on DVD before then. Depends on whether that hurts its eligibility at festivals.

Thanks for your interest in our movie - hope to see you in the audience.
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