May 3rd, 2007

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Shocking Anatomy

So, I'm currently watching Grey's Anatomy with my mother and not expecting much. It's one show that I just can't get into..As doctor drama's rarely interest me. Yet what could make this episode any better? David Anders, that's who!

David is one of the many guest stars in this two part episode, The Other Side of This Life. To make it even greater, he's once again working alongside Merrin Dungey.

His role seems to be as a husband to a troubled pregnant woman. And so far has only appeared for a few minutes!!! I'm praying that he'll be featured again as his time has been very limited.

I'm so excited about this! Even if he is just a guest star- It's David on TV!!! It seems like it's been forever since we've last seen him.

If possible, get to your nearest TV and support David!

EDIT: Yeees! David does make an appearance in Part 2. However, I'm not exactly sure how much. I wasn't able to finish watching the episode because I got extremely tired (Bad excuses, I know!)..Though it was recorded for later!! David never needs to leave for this long again! <3
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