July 30th, 2007


David in ELI

I did it! I've finally seen ELI! The short film starring David Anders-that I should have seen in Newport-has finally been viewed. I left Hicksville, Washington on a Saturday morning flight to San Diego for the ComicCon. The film was the first to be shown for the IIFF to kick off the Horror/Suspense genre. Afterwards, Josh Lee Kwai (director/producer), Tyler Erskine (writer/assoc. producer), Ron Beyers (writer/producer), and Simon Heselev (composer) were available for questions. Boy did I have them...questions that is...I only got in three but was rewarded for it by one of the writers as I was leaving.
I blab on from here and didn't want to hog space for this posting so for more please go to my journal...

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