November 12th, 2007


Grunberg gives Anders accolades...

Greg Grunberg did an interview for In one section, he mentions David Anders, whom he clearly has alot of respect and admiration for. This is what he says:

"And since you mentioned Alias, I'm wondering, now that David Anders is now Adam Monroe all of the sudden in the present, is there a chance of a sort of David Anders/Greg Grunberg interaction?

Oh, there will be a showdown, my friend. There WILL be a showdown. Anytime that the two of us get on screen, there's going to be one loser and it's going to be David Anders. [laughs] No, I LOVE Anders, I love working with him, I think he's such an amazing actor, I actually wrote a romantic comedy with a friend of mine, worked with him for years, Lawrence Trilling, and we're just about to get going. Dave Anders doesn't even know this yet, I'm trying so desperately to have him star in the movie with me, he is such an incredible actor. This British accent that he puts on, I mean, he is like, he's such a funny guy. I don't think people really realize that, so hopefully we'll get to do some great stuff on Heroes, but I was just THRILLED when he got cast, and that's because if you're going to cast a bad guy, you gotta cast an actor who can really go deep and that's Anders for sure."

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David Anders in romantic comedy?! That would be so lovely!
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