November 26th, 2007


a new David Anders interview


i found this interview with david i don't know if any one saw it before but i thought i'd share it with you  :)

So how much then do you even know about what happened? Because that's a lot of backstory to fill in. The writers can probably fill in anything they want for what happened in the 400 years.

Yeah, exactly. A lot of the writers ... Jeph Loeb for instance likes to say that that one betrayal by Hiro back in 1671 Japan just kind of jaded him forever. He went along 400 years in and out of every war you could guess or pre-suppose. Never really getting to know anybody, you know? Meeting friends, losing friends, and just gaining this perspective that nobody else on Earth has that it's all going to end, except not for him. I think he's hated women ever since the one woman he loved betrayed him. And ... I don't know. It's all guess work, you know?

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and there was also an audio file for the interview so i uploaded it in youtube

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