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Hi everyone! I've been a member of this community for a while now. So, I decided it was about time to introduce myself.

Well, I've been a fan of David for almost two years now. He's just such an amazing person and actor! I love him to death! Seriously. So when I heard he was going to be performing in BEAUTIFUL I was overly excited. The only problem was that I live in NC. So after talking it over with my parents, they told me I could catch a plane up there. Heehee..So, on August 20th I flew to NYC to see David.

I'm very proud to say I got to the theater with my dad 3 hours early (But still was 2nd in line..)! From standing around you can make tons of friends. Two girls probably a little older then me were behind us. Eventuallu my dad told them about our trip from NC and how I loved David. What I didn't realize then is I would later owe these girls my life.

Maybe 10 minutes later, I just happened to turn around to the street. I don't even know why I did, to tell the truth. And what I saw coming my way made me freeze. David was just walking down the sidewalk (In the cutest blue shirt). Once I came back to my senses I grabbed my camera and tried to take a picture..But just couldn't. I was in shock. He was probably a foot away from me. I smiled at him and he smiled back. Daddy simply said "Hi David" and he continued walking inside. All I could do as cry. I bet I cried for 10 minutes..and just couldn't stop! He had walked right by me!

While waiting for the play to start (they were running late), the two girls from line screamed for me (They called me "North Carolina"). They were sitting in the row behind us and were really trying to get my attention. And you'll never guess what they wanted. Turns out they were sitting by Jason Holt, Davids older brother. The girls had obviously told him about how we came so far....So daddy went over to talk to him, probably to tell him that we came from North Carolina. And I remember hearing Jason say- "Don't worry. I'll help you out". Daddy came back saying how he was going to try and help us meet David.

When the play began, David came out singing. Ahh..It was like a dream. He was standing on a stage about 7 feet in front of me. I was so close. I could see him perfectly. Hearing him sing made me cry. It was beautiful. He was beautiful.

Once the play was done, Jason came over. We talked to him a bit and I even got his autograph. He was SUCH a nice person and so great to us! He told us to fallow him and he would go find David. By then, I felt like I was dreaming. I couldn't believe he was doing this for us! I think I could have hugged him forever. Anyway, the 4 of us made our way to the lobby to wait. By the time we got there a few of the other cast members were already out there.

David soon came out and Jason went over to him. By this time I couldn't breathe. Jason pointed at us and David looked over and smiled. He said "I remember you" and started walking our way. He came up to me and said "Are you the one that's going to have a panic attack" and hugged me. When he hugged me, it wasn't just a small unfriendly hug..It was a loving big bear hug. He then looked down at me and said "What's your name?" I couldn't talk! When I got 'Jessica' out, I didn't even recognize my voice. It was so shaky sounding.

We took a picture together that I will forever cherish. In it we're hugging each other. At that moment I was the happiest person in the whole wide world. I just can't explain it. It was a dream come true. David hugged me! He took a picture with me! My idol!

I then got out my magazine and he autographed an article in it (The article is a 2 page interview on him). Even though I've seen his signature before, watching him do it was amazing! He put so much detail in getting it just right. And the whole time I just couldn't help but smile. Being able to stand beside him and watch was overwhelming.

David was such a nice person. So caring and paid full attention to me, daddy and everyone else there to see him. He was just like a regular person. Sweet, nice and caring. You wouldn't have even thought he was a huge star. He was also so pretty. I mean, he's gorgeous on TV..But nothing like real life. Everything about him was beautiful.

If anyone here has a chance to go to the musical, you should defiantly take it.

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