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Season 5!

Spoiler Alert!

From EOnline Kristen:

From sark4ever: When do we see David Anders again?

From sark4ever: When do we see David Anders again?
Very soon! I just heard that Sarkie-poo is coming back in the first half of the season and is going to be knocking boots with a main character. Guesses?

From patman83: Gotta be the new chick. Or Marshall. Always wondered about him.

From girlnorth: Sark knocking boots with Jack is about the only thing that would make me tune back in to Alias.
The viewers have spoken: We want gay Sarky!

From rouxfille: Is Rachel Nichols' character on Alias as evil as she seems?
Hint: She's also going to be knocking boots. Hmmm.

From charlie: When do we see Sark again?
Episode eight.

From calgaryfan: Any news on any more Alias characters being signed for more episodes (um, like M.V.)
Not yet, but I'm hearing at least one episode is going to happen.

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