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ICONS and more goodies [Dec. 10th, 2002|04:36 pm]
Fans of David Anders
[Current Mood |creativecreative]

I've made some Icons which I am going to share with everyone. You may freely take these icons to use but please give me credit at your live journal and if anyone asks where you got it tell them from me. Someone else may be using the same icon you want to use... if you want to have the same one that's up to you but my advice would be to use another one at least until the other person changes their icon. ENJOY!

More goodies I made...

I LOVE this one, it's my favorite and it's currently my desktop!!!


[User Picture]From: lisagc
2002-12-10 02:36 pm (UTC)

ummm . . .

justine, i stole ALL your icons! lol!
SUCH a clepto!

i agree about the wallpaper . . .that one's the best. thats also one of my fave pics of him?!?

if i send you my FAVE pic via email, can you make me one like that, but in blue?!?
i fell so bad asking you to make me all this stuff . . .but i REALLY like them. you do such a good job, and i can't make it for shit!

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