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100 Julian Sark icons :D [Mar. 28th, 2006|03:04 pm]
Fans of David Anders


Subject: Julian Sark (Alias) for icons100
Batch: Batches #1-5 FINISHED!!
Stuff: Screen cappie credit goes to awakencordy & Screencappiness.net & roniabirk... did I forget someone? I hope not. Other CREDITS and such can be found in my userinfo.

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(( here here ))

// Yksi ... comment and tell me what you took, please.
// Kaksi ... which brings us to rule number two. CREDIT charming_syrai or ze_eskimo, thanks.
// Kolme ... as long as you credit me, I don't care whether you use the the thing in GJ or LJ or whatever. Whatever floats your boat.
// Neljä ... NO HOTLINKING!