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Kensei = English drunk samurai Indiana Jones

Squee!! New David Anders interview posted by gekidasa at heroes_tv.

JC: (Laughs) Right. So how would you describe your character on Heroes?
DA: (Back in English accent) I would describe him as an English drunk samurai Indiana Jones.

JC: That's cool. Are you ever afraid that you won't ever get away from being known as Sark, since he was such a big character?
DA: It seems that way. He has stayed with me up until this point. I'm so far from English, but the people who watch me on TV assume that I am English. I guess that's a tribute to the job I'm doing, but I guess also that there are directors that are convinced that I can't do an American accent. (Laughs) It's pretty bizarre, but whatever.

You can find the rest here.

I Also posted new photos of David and Masi at the Maxim Style Awards, and one of David at the "59th Primetime EMMY Awards" at my LJ here.
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