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Here's a reminder that David's episode of Warehouse 13 airs tonight on the Syfy channel! It's entitled "Where and When" and should start at 9PM, EST.
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Here's a new interview with spoilers about David's character on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. It also talks about his upcoming role on SyFy channels WAREHOUSE 13.

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join JJVerse!

jjverse is a challenge community that brings together fans of JJ Abrams' work and throws them into an extremely competitive, but even more extremely fun environment! Once sorted into one of 4 teams (Rambaldi, Fringe, Oceanic, Trek) the fun begins!

Join and apply today (click the banner) and you can start participating right away! The best part is that you do not have to be familiar with all or even most of his work! The team names are truly just that, team names. The only thing affected is with whom you play and Team Rambaldi is the team to join. Join jjverse today and ask for Team Rambaldi!

Mods, I hope this is okay! Our team could really use some Sark fans!

deviantART's Group for David Anders!

deviantART's Group for TV Actor "David Anders"
A group dedicated to TV Actor David Anders- known for his roles as Sark in Alias, Takezo Kensei/Adam Monroe in NBC's Hereos to name a few.

If anyone here has a deviantART account and is a fan of David Anders feel free to check out the group! Plus if anyone has a related website, livejournal etc that would like to be affiliates just let me know and I'll add you! Thanks!

Also the owner of Yoake no katana (Sword of Dawn)... A Takezo Kensei/Adam Monroe fanlisting- 
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The E!Online weekly chat was updated recently and I'm happy to announce that it includes spoilers for the upcoming season of 24! So, here's some information on David's character:

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